English Today Corporate Climbers 2.0
Business English Training Program

Welcome to the English Today signature series, Corporate Climbers Business English Training Program. Corporate Climbers is an extremely innovative and interactive skill based Business English training program that integrates in-house training and online learning.

The course offers all the fun and social benefits of scheduled face-to-face classes and also the flexibility and accessibility of online study.


Corporate Climber 2.0 consists of face-to-face classes and online study where students can choose between VIP Zoom/Skype or English Today’s self-study online learning app.

Every course starts with a placement test to assess students’ individual needs, and is monitored regularly to show progress.

The face-to-face classes will focus mainly on the common goals and language requirements of the company, whereas the online study will allow students to focus on individual language goals at their own pace.

Topics are fully tailor-made around company goals and personal needs.

VIP Zoom/Skype allows students to enjoy regular online private classes taught by a consistent teacher for the duration of the course, ensuring consistency and the possibility of a highly customized program.

Self-study online app provides unlimited access to modern multimedia content and more than 350 reading, listening, vocabulary and grammar practices. Learning paths are fully individualized to students’ needs, allowing progress at their own pace.

  • Asking Questions & Clarifying
  • Reporting on Meetings
  • Opening a Meeting
  • Chairing a Meeting
  • Giving Opinions
  • Diplomatic Language
  • Dealing with Controversial Subjects
  • Greeting People
  • Taking Messages
  • Arranging Meetings
  • Changing Appointments
  • Handling Complaints
  • Making Polite Requests
  • Asking Direct & Indirect Questions
  • Exchanging Information
  • Presentation Structure
  • Techniques
  • Innovation & Passion
  • Language Focus
  • Giving Information
  • Introducing Yourself & Your Topic
  • Linking Phrases
  • Personal & Impersonal Styles
  • Describing Trends, Charts & Graphs
  • Asking & Answering Questions
  • Visual Aids
  • Individual Presentation Practice
  • Opening the Negotiation
  • The Negotiation Process
  • Cultural Differences
  • Customer Wants
  • Supplier Wants
  • Bargaining & Closing
  • Tactics & Understanding

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Business English Training Program

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