• The Old “Practice Makes Perfect” Never Gets Old - How To Stick with It

The Old “Practice Makes Perfect” Never Gets Old – How To Stick with It

July 19th, 2019|0 Comments

Learning English is hard, especially if it is not your mother tongue. It is completely normal to struggle and make mistakes in the beginning. If you ask any English trainers how to be better at […]


Preparing An Effective Presentation

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In the corporate world, you often need to make presentations to accomplish your business goals. The objective of your presentation may be to deliver a financial report, propose an innovation, or persuade your audience. To […]

  • No More, “Saya Malu, Sir.”

No More, “Saya Malu, Sir.”

July 10th, 2019|0 Comments

Hi, I am Andrew, and I know many ways to help you with English. But in most of the exercises, I will need you to speak more than merely sitting and listening.

That’s why, before I […]

Customer Service English Training Program

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Methodology Review

Sessions consist of a variety of different communicative tasks in order to motivate students and maximize learning.
These included:

Each lesson culminated in a simulated role-play which integrated all of the lesson’s specific objects.
Assessment Review

The final […]