Bahasa Indonesian Training

Need to improve your Indonesian language skills? Have colleagues who new to Indonesia? Then this is the perfect program! Learn to adapt to Indonesia and the wonderfully friendly Indonesian people by learning the Indonesian language and Indonesian culture at the same time.

Each unit contains two dialogues based around situations that you will most likely find yourself in either traveling or on business in Indonesia.

The first dialogue in each unit deals with the language you will require for handling certain situations such as booking a hotel room or talking about your family. The part two dialogue carries the theme of the unit, consolidating what you already know and building on the knowledge gained in part one.

Each unit is split into two. Part one begins with a dialogue followed by vocabulary and a natural translation of the dialogue. Following this, there is a section of language notes called ‘How the language works’. This section introduces you to various important features of language structure and usage.

Each unit is followed by a test to check understanding and the consolidation of what has been taught.




Welcome to IndonesiaGreeting people

  • Introducing your self and others
  • Saying where you came from
  • Shaking hands
2 hours
At the airport Using less formal yes/no questions

  • Showing possession
  • Tax drivers
2 hours
Getting to know you

Giving information about yourself and asking about other people

  • Expressing nationalities and languages
  • Asking basic questions
  • Some conversation pointers
  • Form and address
2 hours
Working or studying

Talking about your job and asking about what other people do

  • Expressing your capabilities
  • Talking about education and study
  • Agriculture
  • The role of women
  • Education
2 hours
Family and home

Talking about members of your family Expressing where things are in your house

  • Saying the numbers 1 to 10
  • Bathing facilities
  • Arabic greetings
2 hours
Tours informationAsking where there is to see and do

  • Expressing existence
  • Using numbers 1 to 99
  • Telling the time
  • Saying the days of the week
  • Something for everyone!
2 hours

Making, accepting, and declining an invitation

  • Giving reasons
  • Saying the months
  • Invitations – Indonesian style
2 hours
Asking the way

Asking for directions

  • Understanding the directions
  • Body language
2 hours
Changing money

Changing money

  • Understanding and expressing higher numbers
  • Expressing distance, weight, height etc.
  • Cash, traveler cheques or plastic?
2 hours

Buying tickets for journeys

  • Talking about using various modes of transport
  • Using more time expressions
  • Getting around
2 hours
Checking in

Getting rooms in a hotel

  • Asking about services
  • Saying what you usually do
  • Whereto stay
2 hours
Beautiful batik

Going shopping for clothes

  • Talking about sizes, colours, and what things are made of
  • Bartering with a street seller
  • About batik
2 hours
Eating out

Understanding an Indonesian menu

  • Ordering food in restaurants and from street vendors
  • Eating out – Indonesian style
2 hours
At the supermarket

Changing money

  • Understanding and expressing higher numbers
  • Expressing distance, weight, height etc.
  • Cash, traveler cheques or plastic?
2 hours

Talking about likes, dislikes, and favorites in detail

  • Saying what your hobbies are and what sports you do
  • Saying how long something has been happening
  • Entertainment – Indonesian style
2 hours
At the doctor ’s

Talking about your body

  • Saying how you feel
  • Talking about various common ailments
  • Dealing with a visit to the doctor
  • Herbal medicines; drinking water
2 hours
A phone call

Making a phone call

  • Talking about the weather
  • Understanding some of the features of street Indonesian
  • Using a dictionary
  • Taking your Indonesian further
2 hours