Once your main body is planned and you have developed your mini speeches. It time to move on to the exciting stage of reinforcing your message in each stage of your presentation.

There are many different ways to reinforce, you might show an eye catching visual or s short video segment, you might use music, props or gimmicks. You could give a demonstration or involve your audience in an activity. The more involved your audience is the more engaged they will be. If your presentation allows you may even find a way to introduce the five senses through touch, taste, or smell.

The important thing is to reinforce your message at each stage of your main body. So, if you have 3 parts you should have at least 3 reinforcement tools.

Use variety, surprise your audience! Remember your presentation should be like a performance.

A good formula to remember is ERS. E and S you completed when you created your mini speeches. Now, it’s time to work on R


You explained your message in your mini speech


Reinforce your message


You sold your message in your mini speech summary statement

Reinforcement isn’t using slide after boring slide of Power Point material. It’s about finding creative and unexpected ways to make your message memorable. In future articles we will delve into the pros and cons of using Power Point, how to create great slides, and how to utilize e Power Point properly as a tool without letting it take over your presentation.


Stay tuned for our next article on Delivery Techniques!

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