Extra training courses on top of an already full work schedule are rarely much fun but that has not been the case for key Traveloka employees, who have been enjoying informative and entertaining business English-language courses courtesy of English Today Jakarta.

“I’ll be honest; I really did just expect another boring English course, By 7 o’clock we are tired; we’ve already completed a full day of work.”

said Cita Parahita Medina, a product quality assurance professional with the leading travel booking site.

Cita conceded that her concerns about being “bored out of my mind” for two hours, two times a week were completely unfounded.

“The business-English course has been so much fun, The teaching style is so different and so enjoyable. I have never had a course like this.  ‘Wow’ is all I can say.  Sure I’m still tired at 7p.m. but rather than dreading having to sit through two hours of English I look forward to it.  Why isn’t every English course like this?”

Farach Arum Soka, a fraud analyst, said learning English was important for staff of the respected E-commerce company, but so too was enjoyment. “I love the sense of group connection and I love the laughter,” he said. “We are not sitting down looking at a book for two hours. We are talking, we are communicating, and we are learning. The two hours just flies by.”

Frendy Priandy said “absolutely,” when asked about the importance of an expatriate teacher.

“It helps us to build confidence and really helps our listening skills. I find myself just so absorbed in the process. It’s a strange feeling when the teacher tells you that the class is finished. What?  Two hours have passed already?  But it doesn’t feel like two hours. It’s amazing how quickly the time passes when you are enjoying yourself.”

Asked if would change anything about the course, Arief Halim, a lead engineer, said, “No, I can’t think of a single thing.” “We really needed this. English is important in my job and this course has helped me to look at learning the English language with an entirely different outlook,” Arief said. “Learning English can be fun, and so interesting.”

Hadyan, a data analyst, said he enjoyed the course material, which was the perfect mix of serious learning exercises and an abundance of communication activities. “The games were a lot of fun to play and the communicative topics were hilarious. I really gained from this.”

Nidya Sarah, a content moderator, said the grammar was presented in easy-to-follow steps. “I don’t like the idea of just sitting in front of a book, class after class,” she said. “This was not like that, we hardly touched any books.”

English Today Jakarta is Indonesia’s premiere English-language course for corporate clients. English Today Jakarta provides on-site courses at many leading national or multinational corporations operating in Indonesia. The company specialises in helping boost English proficiency and confidence among employees in a number of key job areas and industries in Indonesia.

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