The TOEIC Test with Speaking Section

The straight TOEIC test is basically testing receptive skills, so it is not an accurate indicator of general proficiency. In order for it to be accurate it has to test productive skills such as writing and speaking.

This is why when English Today offer a TOEIC prediction test, we also include a speaking section, which we call communicative competence. This allows us to access the productive ability by looking at the gap between the receptive assessment and the productive assessment.

The speaking assessment has two parts; one is individual and the second part is interactive discussion to see their discourse management, how they interact, how they develop ideas, how they extend these ideas, their lexical range and other important elements.

What you see most of the time is there is a difference between the speaking assessment and the TOEIC scores, the TOEIC scores are higher than the productive speaking assessment. This is valuable information, what is deemed by TOEIC to be near native efficiency, is in real life not that level of efficiency. This is why it is a really good idea to have the speaking assessment.

Overview of Speaking Assessment

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Grammatical Accuracy

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Lexical Range

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Communication Strategies

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Manner and Delivery

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