In this post, I will talk about  the  TOEFL speaking section Question 2. Unlike Question 1, Question 2 is not an open-ended question. In this question you will usually only have one or two options. I’m going to explain how to take notes on this question and how to explain it.

Sample question

“Which do you think is more helpful to students, Internet materials or text materials? Why do you think so? Include details and examples to support your opinion.”

As you can see from this question there are not many answers, you only have a choice of two, either Internet materials or text materials. So clearly state which one you prefer and explain why you think like this and make sure you give examples and explanations to support your opinion.

Some people make the mistake of explaining why both options are helpful. However, do not make this mistake and make sure you only choose one.


In my opinion, I think Internet materials are more helpful for two main reasons.

The first reason that I think that materials are more helpful is that we can bring larger amounts of materials with us in a laptop or iPad than with text materials. For example, if I need to do lots of research I can quickly find all the information through the Internet and this is much easier than bringing an encyclopaedia with me.

The second reason is that Internet materials are more flexible than text materials. For instance, Internet materials usually contain links to further information such as other articles, audio or videos that further support the main points of a particular article.

These are the reasons why I believe that Internet materials are more helpful than text materials. Firstly they are more convenient and secondly they are more flexible.

As you can see I provide my answer in both the start of my response as well as the end of it.

When preparing for the TOEFL Speaking section question 2, you should use a similar template like I have with the underlined phrases. This way you will have the correct structure already prepared for the question and within 15 seconds you can prepare your answer, two reasons and an example for each.

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