Business English Presentation training: Now that you have created your map, it’s time to make sandwiches. Each section of your main body should be turned into a sandwich.
In a sandwich you have two pieces of bread. One at the top, and one at the bottom. These pieces of bread hold all the delicious filling inside your sandwich.
In your presentation your sandwich looks like this:
1. The Top Slice of Bread ( Main Statement )
The top slice of bread is a powerful introductory statement which introduces you sub-topic to the audience and prepares them for your message.
2. The Delicious Filling ( Supporting Information)
The delicious filling of the sandwich is all your supporting points, the detailed information you want to provide your audience about your subtopic.
3. The Bottom Slice of Bread (Summary Statement)
The bottom slice of bread is a powerful summary statement which closes this section of your presentation, gives the audience an important piece of information to take away with them, and gets them ready for the next section of your presentation
Powerful Introductory Statement (The Top Slice of Bread – 1. Main Statement )
English Today has a wide variety of Business English training programs to suit your company’s communication needs and the needs of your individual employees.
Supporting Information
  1. We offer a complete leveled range of General Business English Development programs called Corporate Climbers. Our levels range from beginner to advanced and our programs integrate 4 skill language development through interesting, authentic, and up to date global business topics.
  2. In addition to our General Business English Programs, we also offer unique ‘one of a kind’ hybrid programs. Hybrid programs are based on soft skill training units and support the development of English as a foreign language at the same time. So for example, you can learn how to create and deliver a dynamic presentation while improving your English
  3. We also offer a special custom designed program service. We work together with you to design a program which is in line with your service standard and the specific communication needs of your company and its industry.
Powerful Summary Statement
As you can see, English Today is no ordinary English Training Provider. We offer you one stop quality training solutions with a difference.
Once you have created your sandwiches you have actually created the mini speeches for your main body. Now your main body is organized, clear, and concise.
At the ‘sandwich stage’ don’t worry too much about your grammar or your choice of vocabulary. Just concentrate on your message, get it down on paper. In the next article we will start the process of polishing your mini speeches – this is where we review things like grammar and vocabulary.

Now try yourself.

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