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There is a big difference between language providers who cater specifically to Corporate English and Soft Skills training and those who cater only to general English. I hope that this article gives you a better understanding of those differences.

Due to the nature of corporate programs, they generally tend to consist of students with varying proficiency levels, this is normal. Although different proficiency levels within one class may be viewed as an obstacle, it is in fact a positive instrument to stimulate and expedite development. Careful grouping techniques are implemented to balance abilities during class activities and a scaffolding approach is used. This scaffolding approach involves ‘assisted learning’ in which participants with higher ability levels support their lower level classmates. In language learning classrooms it is not only the trainer that is a resource, but also the students themselves. this methodology promotes engaged, interactive and collaborative learning through a constructivist approach.

The facilitator begins to plan the structure of this after the placement testing is done and the proficiency of each participant has been identified. At this stage, if any of the participants’ proficiency levels are deemed to be too low to assimilate material and engage in the program, the client is informed.

in terms of varying needs, this is also normal. All modules are integrated, this means that while focusing on a specific skill i.e. presentation skills for example, participants are also developing cross curricular language skills and awareness which are relevant to a variety of business related communication areas. This is what we call a ‘Hybrid Program’, and what differentiates ET programs from many other providers.

Additionally, activities within the classroom are molded to the needs and learning styles of the participants themselves. Its not a ‘one size fits all approach to learning.

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