Professionals now understand that developing Presentation English Skills need to be a top priority. In today’s business climate, professionalism is judged on a person’s ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Being able to share information accurately, convey ideas and concepts clearly, and persuasively present a company’s products or services is crucial to business success. To put it simply, you have to ‘tell it to sell it’.

Presentation Skills Training programs develop the public speaking skills, as well as the English language skills, business people need to deliver successful and professional presentations to a foreign audience.
Presentation English Programs assist professionals to:

  • Plan a dynamic presentation

  • Effectively structure a presentation

  • Create powerful openings and memorable closings

  • Develop dynamic delivery techniques

  • Present information accurately

  • Create powerful visuals

  • Evidently and eloquently conveying ideas and suggestions

  • Connect and link concepts and ideas

  • Interact confidently and develop a rapport with the audience

  • Develop techniques to confidently handle audience questions and feedback

Effective Presentation English programs are task based and student centred. Each session focuses on a particular aspect of skill development and involves a clear evaluated task. These tasks are tailored to meet the individual needs of the participant. That means that participants work on presentation tasks that are related to the industry they work in. Session by session progress and achievement are tangible to the student and skills can be immediately transferred to the participant’s job..

Presentation Skills E-Book

Improve your presentation skills through our presentation books. Read tips on for example presenting a message effectively, engaging with an audience and using your voice. It is never too late to become an excellent communicator.

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