Learning New Words Is Possible!

Having good knowledge of grammar isn’t enough for your English competency. You should aim to increase the collection of of words in your vocabulary so that it can complement your language skills. By the age of 5 the average child has memorized an average of 5,000 words, how many have you memorized?

The English Today team met with one of our trainers Ms Nani and asked her opinion about the best way to learn new words. She suggested that learners take their notes everywhere they go. Get in the habit of collecting new words. 

While you are still searching which way works best for you, why not follow this learning method as a start: 

Read books and magazines: Yes, a reading habit becomes more important when are wanting to enrich your vocabulary. By reading more often, you learn new words quicker because you have a better understanding of their uses in certain contexts.

Highlight the words: While reading your book or magazine, highlight (or underline) the words you don’t understand. Before looking the words up in the dictionary, try to make a guess of its meaning first by understanding its use in the context.

Befriend your dictionary: Make your dictionary handy. Whenever you stumble on words you don’t understand, it is always helpful to use your dictionary. Tip: have a notebook special for documenting your new words. Every time you find new words, write them down, then consult the meaning in your dictionary.

Playing games: If you think it’s not fun to learn new words, it is probably because you need to add a new learning activity. Learning a language is always exciting when you are playing, because entertainment in learning will boost your motivation to learn and eventually enhance your skills.

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