Learn English in Malang! Why? Because Malang is the next step in the Indonesian English journey. The importance of excellent English skills in today’s Indonesia cannot be over stated. In the past countries such as Singapore and Malaysia took the lead when it came to fulfilling the English gap in South-east Asia.

No more.

In 2013 Cranfield University and the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) created a double-degree master’s programme in engineering and technology, while Newcastle University and Universitas Indonesia established a doctoral training centre. While this certainly paints a positive picture for Indonesia, the country still suffers from an extreme shortage of capable English speakers.

Back in 2013, the Times Higher Education reported that:

“There seems to be relatively little independent outside scrutiny of Indonesian higher education, either by Western journalists or by global bodies such as the World Bank, but the few pieces of comparative analysis that exist do not paint a rosy picture.”

The report based its conclusion on the worrying fact that:

“Indonesia finished bottom out of 50 countries in the 2013 edition of the Universitas 21 ranking.” (Source: David Matthews, Indonesia Struggles to Bridge its Skill Gap, Times Higher Education, 14 November 2013)

At English today we believe that as a mid-sized city Malang should play a crucial role in filling the shortage in English speakers across Indonesia. As a city with an academic history and reputable universities it is only logical that a focus on English will make those studying in Malang benefit and prepare them for the amazing opportunities awaiting Indonesian development.

At English Today we believe that talent exists all across Indonesia and our focus on Malang is due to our belief that the city possesses this remarkable talent and deserves quality teachers who recognize its potential. East Java, we feel, is under-represented when it comes to quality English teaching and as a result its students lack the opportunities that their Jakarta counterparts enjoy.

At English Today we want all of Indonesia to enjoy quality English training and believe that we can make Malang an example of what is possible in this country when natural talent is combined with quality teaching. Come take the next step with us.

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