Initial English Presentation Planning
When you developed your introduction you created your outline – your sub topics. These sub topics will become the sections of your main body. Your English presentation initial planning begins by creating a map based on these sections and branching out to your supporting points. What do you want to tell your audience about each of sub topics? Use keywords and notes and fill in your template.
Example Map template


  • Supporting Points
  • Supporting Points
  • Supporting Points
  • Supporting Points
  • Supporting Points
  • Supporting Points
  • Supporting Points
  • Supporting Points
  • Supporting Points
Example of English Today Map


  • Business English
  • Hybrid English
  • Custom Design & Industry Spesific
  • Soft Skills
  • Team Building
  • Motivational
  • Degrees
  • Teaching Certificates
  • Proven Track Records
In your main body try to stick to the ‘Rule of Three’. Try to divide your English presentation into only three parts. You might have a lot of information to convey, but remember your audience can only retain 3-4 points in their short term memory. You should have begun using the ‘Rule of Three’ when you created your outline. Stick with this rule for your sub topics and where possible for your supporting points. Remember to KISS your audience – Keep It Short and Simple. Your audience will love you for it!
Once you have created your map it is then time to make ‘sandwiches’. Sandwiches? Yes, sandwiches are the key to creating a clear and impactful main body!
Find out more about our Sandwich Formula.

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