When people are asked about a great presentation they have seen, many have difficulties remembering. The plain truth is most presentations are dead boring, there is nothing special about them and they are not memorable.

People don’t want to attend, can’t wait to leave, and forget the presentation as well as the presenter the moment they leave the room.

So, the billion dollar question is how can we make OUR presentations memorable?
First things first.

Creating a presentation is an ART, NOT a mechanical task. A successful presentation is a memorable one, and a memorable presentation is like a performance. It has ebbs and flows. It dazzles, surprises and engages your audience. It motivates, inspires, educates or creates desire. Your presentation is an art, and you are a performer.
5 things you can do to make your next presentation memorable:
Wow’ moments are engaging parts of your presentation where you will include things like visuals, props, gimmicks, or an interactive activity for your audience. Each part of your presentation should include moments that are memorable and that enforce your message.
Treat your presentation like a performance; a good performance has lots of variety. A memorable presentation is a bit like a healthy diet, it’s balanced and contains a lot of different things. Think about where in your presentation can switch out boring text laden slides for powerful visuals, video clips, or demonstrations.
A decade ago people were dazzled by Power Point slides, but now it’s expected. Power Point is only one of many tools you can use throughout your presentation. Not only are there other programs, but there are also other ways we can engage our audience. Get creative!
The average adult attention span is …. *writer checks Instagram*
Researchers tell us that now, in the age of digital technology, the average adult’s attention span is only between 8 to 12 seconds. That’s not long.
Having interactive activities in your presentation refocuses your audience and keeps them engaged.
People will not always remember what they see or hear, but they will always remember something they have been a part of.
Your audience will be a mix of people with different learning skills; some will learn better with visual materials, others will be auditory or kinesthetic learners.
Using a variety of materials and activities that involve as many of the five senses as you can will ensure that your presentation is fun and engaging for everyone. It will be a ‘memorable experience.
You are the centre of your presentation; you are the performer. Use your gesture, movement, expression and your voice to entertain your audience!
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