English Today Methodology

English Today has a communicative integrative method that combines reading, writing, speaking and listening. This method helps to naturally develop fluency, self-confidence, accuracy, and long-lasting ability in using English.

Primarily English Today courses concentrate on communication. Students will not learn language skills for use only in a classroom environment but will also learn strategies enabling them to communicate in real life situations. At English Today we believe in real-life application, not just theory.

Current course methodology in the teaching of languages involves participants playing active and responsible roles in the classroom as well as being encouraged to recognize the most effective methods of gaining and using the language. This methodology is both learner-centered and communicative, with the trainer‘s role being mostly as facilitator. Participants will be provided with and encouraged to discover language through a variety of methods, resources and media provided by the teacher and constructed with other participants.

Class activities will include:

[checklist icon=”fa-check” iconcolor=”” circle=”” circlecolor=”” size=”13px” class=”” id=””][li_item icon=”fa-check”]Pair Work [/li_item][li_item icon=”fa-check”]Group Work [/li_item][li_item icon=”fa-check”]Simulated Role-play [/li_item][li_item icon=”fa-check”]Task-based learning [/li_item][/checklist]

We also use more traditional methods of formal teaching and presentation. English Today trainers pay special attention to creating a real world experience for participants, firmly rooting input and activities in everyday working contexts that participants encounter.

One of the biggest problems in English training is that teachers/trainers speak for 80 of the time and the remaining 20 doesn’t give the participants enough time to work on their productive skills such as Speaking and Writing. This is why Indonesians are much better at the receptive skills of reading and listening.

[progress percentage=”80″ unit=”{87f0c958c74bd471c016e24ed0ca91171b02792da1fdb790bb16580321fb9170}” filledcolor=”” unfilledcolor=”#e2e2e2″ striped=”yes” animated_stripes=”yes” textcolor=”” class=”” id=””]Talk time for the participants[/progress]

At English Today we use the reverse 80/20 principle of English language teaching, this involves reducing the teacher talk time and enhancing the amount of talk time for the participants to 80. This is achieved by creating stimulated role-play activites and creating real-life learning experiences. This is the only way to get real English training results.

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English Today hires only professional, qualified teachers of English. We look for passionate individuals who are committed to taking a personal interest in the progress of each student and who are known for their enthusiastic manner in the classroom. Our teachers have degrees in English literature and linguistics with a focus in English and they have all completed the CELTA Course Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults. English Today teachers understand that learning a new language may not be easy, but this does not mean that it can’t be fun.