The Customer Service English Training Program is a unique blend of customer service and communication training, which integrates the individual service standards of each client. It is specifically designed for customer service staff in the food and beverage industry who need service training and need to develop English language skills at the same time.

The general objectives of this program are to provide employees with the English language and service skills necessary to successfully provide effective service to guests from ‘entry to exit’.

Each unit of study the topic is broken down into achievable step by step ‘can do’ tasks/ learning objectives. These learning objectives are established from participant input and observations of the participants in the workplace. These ‘can do’ tasks allow the teacher to track individual progress and students to be motivated by their success from lesson to lesson.

The sequence and structure of the learning objectives and tasks are modified and updated in line with the service standard developments of each client.

Program Learning Objectives:

Counter Service

  • Can begin the order process

  • Can offer the menu

  • Can ask for an order

  • Can upsell items at key stages of the order using a variety of methods

  • Can repeat an order clearly

  • Can offer to deliver dessert to the table after the main meal

  • Can give price and bill information

  • Can give receipt and change counting out and saying the amount

  • Can give cups and explain about the refill system

  • Can give and explain table number

  • Can explain meal will be brought to the table

  • Can ask the guest to fill in the comment card.

  • Can thank the guest at the end of the order

  • Can wish the guest an enjoyable meal

Dining Service

  • Can greet the guest at the table

  • Can deliver and repeat the order

  • Can offer condiments

  • Can offer further assistance

  • Can suggest a meal

  • Can offer to refill drinks

  • Can ask to clear dishes

  • Can upsell an appropriate menu item in a manner appropriate to the setting

Guest Entry

  • Can give a new guest a ‘wow’ greeting

  • Can give a return guest a ‘wow’ greeting

  • Can assist a guest with order / seating


  • Can handle a general inquiry

  • Can handle a simple complaint

Experience Follow-Up

  • Can inquire about a guest’s experience

Guest Exit

  • Can wish the guest a nice day

Methodology Review

Sessions consist of a variety of different communicative tasks in order to motivate students and maximize learning.

These included:

  • Language development activities

  • Service skill activities

  • Partnered performance tasks

  • Collaborative group tasks

  • Individual and pair performance activities

  • Peer assessment and evaluation activities

  • Dynamic role-play

  • Each lesson culminated in a simulated role-play which integrated all of the lesson’s specific objects.

  • Assessment Review

The final assessment consists of three elements:

  • Written Assessment

  • Active listening assessment

  • Performance Assessment

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