Leading travel-booking platform Traveloka Focuses on English-Language Abilities of Its Customer-Care Staff

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s Indonesia’s leading travel-booking platform Traveloka continues its expansion throughout Southeast Asia, the highly successful online E-commerce Website is investing in the ongoing development of its staff. This includes a comprehensive English-language training programme from English Today Jakarta, which is helping the Company’s employees improve their abilities in a number of key areas, including customer care.

Demetria Aprilli Putri Pamuti, an international ticketing specialist with Traveloka, said improving and perfecting her business-English language skills and customer care capabilities were of upmost importance, particularly as Traveloka had recently launched offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam.

“I am often on the phone or using email solely in English, which is an important language as we expand regionally,” Deme said. “Improving and perfecting my English-language abilities is important for me as I need to ensure that passengers who do not speak Indonesian are able to communicate. High standards of English and fluent communication are crucial to achieving customer satisfaction.”

Fellow international ticketing specialist Felisia Oktaviany said that although the majority of Traveloka’s customers were Indonesian, that was rapidly changing with the growth of the company within Asean. Accordingly, English was becoming increasingly important to deal with the specific requests of clients, from rescheduling tickets to seat and meal selections, she said.

Felisia said it was important for customer-facing E-commerce companies to maintain and always improve on high standards of customer care.

“Improving and perfecting our English is very important because we use English on a daily basis to communicate with our clients and partners outside of Indonesia,” she said. “Traveloka understands this and is actively enhancing our skills to avoid language barriers or miscommunication with customers and partners, and maintain the reputation of our company.”

Michelle Tjendera said the specialised English Today Jakarta customer care language course was the perfect example of how Traveloka invested in its staff.

“I think it is the best way to demonstrate Traveloka’s commitment to both its employees and also the company itself, because it can help the employees in many ways,” Chelle said. “We are a multinational company operating in the era of globalisation in an industry that is expanding, particularly in Southeast Asia.”

She added that improved English-language abilities improved both verbal and written capabilities, which meant that customers had improved confidence in the company’s high-quality services.

Dhitra Rahmawan Putra concurred with his colleague, Chelle, saying that solid English-language abilities were vital to a multinational corporation with the vision and ambition of Traveloka, which only launched in 2012.

“It is a new era for many Indonesian companies to embrace opportunities to expand in not only Southeast Asia but even wider,” Dhitra said. “Successful companies must have English-learning programmes to help in this area.”

Fathia Anisa Oktaviani, a refund specialist, said the course material provided by English Today Jakarta specifically address areas of deficiency in a fun and informative way, with a focus on improving verbal and written English.

“It’s a fun, appealing and relaxed method specifically designed to help us best process, store and implement our new skills after a day in the office,” Fathia said. “Honestly, I thought I would feel more tired attending classes after work but that is not the case. I am really enjoying improving my grammar, vocabulary and customer-care skills. It’s great.”

Fahda Athalia Azmi, who helps facilitate additional customer requests via direct telephone calls or email, said she believed her “English has already improved since I first joined this class.”

“My vocabulary has increased, my grammar has improved and I am more confident, including talking one-on-one with expatriates,” Fahda said. “I am looking forward to continuing to improve, both in terms of writing and in spoken English.”

Wahyu Yuliani, a hotel support specialist, said her job entailed helping customers deal with additional requests directly with hotels abroad, which meant that English was her primary language.

“Anything I can do to perfect my skills speaking and writing in English will be beneficial,” Ayu said. “My vocabulary and grammar have improved, and I feel much more confident during telephone conversations as well as writing emails to our customers and providers.”

Suci Lestari Luxya, a refund analyst, said she recommended that all her colleagues undergo the training provided by English Today Jakarta.

“It is necessary for my co-workers, especially in customer care, as English is a universal language that connects people around the world,” Suci said. “In the customer-care field, it is important to understand how to write well using the correct grammar because this is a reflection on the quality of the company.”

Santiko Joyo Hadi said he believed more Indonesian companies with aspirations for sustainable growth in Indonesia, Southeast Asia and beyond needed to focus on training, including on improving business-English language skills. “All companies in Indonesia should be doing this,” Iko said.

About Traveloka

Launched in 2012, Indonesia’s leading travel-booking platform Traveloka recently opened in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam. Traveloka has partnered with 70 domestic and international airlines, offering more than 100,000 routes throughout the Asia Pacific, Europe, and America. The lifestyle booking platform has listed more than 100,000 hotels worldwide. Secure payment systems, easy user experience, a 24-hour call centre, low and transparent prices and no booking fees have made the service popular.

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