My very first Business English lesson at Lippo, St Mortiz was me arriving 20 minutes early and being met with a cheery smile and a warm welcome, and since that first meeting in August, the students have been nothing but kind, fun and a true joy to teach twice a week.

Each and every student made a conscious effort to attend all the lessons, which I thought was truly incredible, as throughout the course I found out just how much work each team member has. From the customer service staff, to the architects, to those working in administration, they were all kept pretty busy, but they were still able to come to the lessons and have some fun! As well as learn a bit of useful grammar here and there.

The class varied in ability, some were able to follow each step clearly without any queries or problems. But for those who struggled, the stronger students were able to help and guide their colleagues and I thought this was a great way to build up team spirit and allow students to feel that learning and teaching can be a collective experience.

As weeks went by students were becoming more confident and were asking me questions about grammar, vocabulary and where they could find other helpful resources to improve their English. They were keen to keep on learning and understanding more about the English language. This would always make the lesson time fly by.

Every so often I could see that certain students had begun to understand countable/uncountable nouns, or had learnt where and when to use past tense verbs and these improvements, no matter how small, would always put a smile on my face.

After collecting in the final tests this past Friday, I was presented with a beautiful Batik skirt as a thank you gift. Even though I haven’t marked all of the test papers yet, this class gets 100{87f0c958c74bd471c016e24ed0ca91171b02792da1fdb790bb16580321fb9170} for dedication and effort. I would gladly continue my teaching experience in Puri Indah!

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