XL Axiata Enjoy Business-English classes

[dropcap color=”#dd3333″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]E[/dropcap]xecutive staff from Indonesia’s leading mobile telecommunications services operator PT XL Axiata Tbk, best known as XL, have been striving to improve or perfect their English-language skills during Business-English classes run by English Today Jakarta. Indonesia’s only native English teacher agency runs a total of four classes tailored to XL’s specific requirements two times each week.

XL Senior Internal Auditor Lusia Melisa said improving or perfecting her business English was important as she regularly engaged with C-level executives from a number of different countries. “English is our common communication language in these cases,” Lusia said. “For working papers and reports we always use English also, so I need to improve and perfect my business English and ensure that I can communicate fluently.”

Budi Sudra, a customer experience delivery professional with XL, said it was important for Indonesian companies to broaden their horizons, eying first to become regional and then international businesses. “In today’s Internet era, there are no boundaries between countries and it’s very easy for a company to reach customers around the world,” Budi said. “Good abilities in speaking and writing in English will help employees of Indonesian companies better communicate with their customers worldwide.”

Virgiawan Ardi, a key part of XL’s internal auditing team, said he was proud to work for a company that invested in its staff. “XL has provided us with this opportunity because we are an international company and a market leader in Indonesia and communicating in English is important. We use English every day,” he said. “I want to thank XL management and the human resources team that have facilitated these Business-English classes.”

Apriadi Purnama said that perfecting his English was an important part of working for a multinational corporation as the language was a part of the corporate culture. “It’s the telecommunications industry and we are a world leader,” he said. “English is our formal communication and improving my English is a must.”

Maria Diona Felicita, campaign partner-brand communication activation, said the training materials provided by English Today Jakarta were informative and helped keep the class engaged in their studies. In addition to the interesting course books, she felt her English was improving. “Sometimes we forget the basics and when we learn we realize that we have been making a lot of mistakes, either speaking poor English or sometimes writing that isn’t up to standard.”

Maria said the training material directly related to her daily job activities, including presentations and writing emails. “It has really helped my English. I’m still learning and am looking forward to going through all the material.”

Financial analyst Risky Eka Putra said the language training had helped him improve his abilities to communicate with others in English. “I have improved my basic grammar, such as present simple tense and present continuous tense, and to have conversations in English with my classmates,” Risky said. “It has increased my confidence levels using English in my daily activities.”

XL Brand Campaign Manager Fransisca Tan said she had become more confident speaking English in front of others, including her new friends in the class. “The purpose of this class is to make my English perfect,” Sisca said. “Therefore I have to push myself to be brave. It doesn’t matter whether I say something wrong or not – my friends will learn from my mistakes,” she joked.

Internal auditor Dominika Damarsari said she believed the English-language course would help her better conduct her daily job activities. “This English class is helping me improve my skills to write audit reports. I feel my grammar has improved and I am more confident presenting in front of management, who are most likely expatriates,” she said. “This business-English class is a perfect way to improve and practice our conversation skills to become more fluent.”

Risk management specialist Jan Warta Purba said “absolutely,” when asked if you would recommend English Today Jakarta’s business-English classes to his colleagues within XL or to other organizations. “It is important to eliminate language barriers in everyone’s daily business life,” Jan said. “Business-English classes can help you deliver your points in meetings more confidently and more accurately. Communications will be smoother, more efficient and more effective, as people who you communicate with can understand you better.”

Natasya Yuliana, a financial analyst, agreed, saying she would also recommend learning business English to her colleagues. “In this class, I have been able to remember how to use grammar correctly, which is something I have forgotten from speaking directly,” Natasya said. “Asian pronunciation is a little bit different to that of native speakers and here we can practice our listening ability to get used to it. Improving our vocabulary is another benefit of this class also.”

Matthew Donohue, owner and operator of English Today Jakarta, said he was impressed by the enthusiasm and willingness of each and every student to improve themselves during the Business-English classes. “XL, which is one of our multinational clients, is a great example of a progressive Indonesian-based company that understands the importance of communication,” he said. “But what is really amazing is the spirit of our students who want to learn and improve the lives of themselves, professionally, and their families. English is important,” he said. “