As you can see each one is different. What is the difference between a business presentation and a lecture?
A business presentation is more about a pitch. You want to let people know about an idea, a report, a way forward, a product to buy, a company to invest in and so on. A lecture is more about sharing knowledge, making sure the audience will leave the room having learned something new which they can use in the context of their work or career.

What is the difference between a business presentation and a training presentation?

The purpose of training is to learn the skills. The focus is on ‘skill transfer’. Since the best way to learn is by doing, training sessions are very interactive and casual. You also have small number of people as your audience. The audience has to do a lot of self-probing in order to improve themselves and find out for themselves what the new ideas, theories and methods mean to them and their work. Business presentation in contrast focuses on providing you with a message. You don’t necessarily have to learn a new skill in the process.

How about speech?

A Speech is usually given without slides (though this is not a requirement) and the focus of the audience is entirely on the presenter. Engaging the audience emotionally is critical. There can be very little interaction between the presenter and the audience and presenter will do most of the talking.

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