Simple Tips to Speak English Fluently

[dropcap color=”#dd3333″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]O[/dropcap]ne mistake that people often make is stressing too much on studying grammar rather than conversational English. In order to become a good English speaker, remember to focus on actually conversing rather than just memorizing grammatical rules.

Also remember to LISTEN! You begin to learn a language by understanding other people before actually being able to speak fluently. Being able to understand others will help you in forming conversation. Another tip is to not translate each and every word or phrase that you hear. Often you will misunderstand the topic of conversation by taking the most literal translation of each phrase. As in every language, English speakers often revert to slang and idioms. Don’t be afraid to ask what these mean, by understanding these phrases you will be much closer to fluency and on your way to being able to speak correct English.

Be sure to completely immerse yourself in the language. If you continue to limit yourself in social circles that do not speak English, it will make it much more difficult to be fluent. By submerging yourself in the language you will be forced to learn and use English to communicate. Many people are intimidated at first when they try to jump into conversation, but it is the only way to improve your fluency in speaking English. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! People will be more impressed at your ability to speak a foreign language than your grammar flaw or mispronunciation of words.

Many people said that English is one of the hardest languages to learn. However, with the right training, learning English can be a fun and positive experience. You can use different resources to help strengthen your English skills (English books, songs, and even movies), BUT nothing is better than getting out into the world and practice all you have learned!