Private Bahasa Indonesia Training Jakarta

Private Bahasa Indonesia Training Jakarta is available in your home or office, and it can be scheduled to match your availability. Our proficiency-based approach accommodates a variety of learning styles and instructional techniques, and focuses on building speaking proficiency in the target language. You will be communicating effectively in Bahasa Indonesian in no time.

Together with your instructor, you will be given the flexibility to identify and evaluate your language goals, while focusing on your specific areas of interest. These areas of interest and this flexibility allows you to effectively engage in your own language training style, resulting in the successful acquisition of Bahasa Indonesia.

Language Services

100 Hour Program

For beginning students with limited or no established proficiency in the target language, we recommends at least 100 hours of language training to be completed within 12 months.

50 Hour Program

For students with some level of established proficiency in the target language, we recommends at least 50 hours of language training to be completed within 6 months.

Children’s Program

We offer a Children’s language training programs for expatriate children of all ages. Because our programs and instructors are flexible in their teaching styles and approaches, programs are customized to be effective for children, teenagers and young adults.

Business Program

Our Business programs are designed for learners at all levels. Whether you already have the basic knowledge and basic communication skills in the target language or are starting fresh, we can help.

Spouse or Partner Program

The international assignee or working spouse/partner may need to focus more on business language; whereas a training curriculum for a non-working trailing spouse/partner may be customized with a concentration on day-to-day life, in order to help in the assimilation process.

Our Bahasa Couples Classes

Study Bahasa Indonesian from the comfort of your own home, Miss. Putri will come to you and take through the Indonesian language basics step by step and then she will organize a practical outing where you can use the skills that you have been taught.

I have been learning Bahasa Indonesia from Ms. Puteri since March 2013. It has been a very fruitful experience. I would recommend Ms. Puteri to anyone looking a diverse language curriculum, that immerses you in Indonesian language and culture.
Fenny Ang, Life Coach & Corporate Trainer. Bahasa Indonesia Intensive Class
Miss Puteri has a very soft approach towards teaching so that you don’t feel forced or embarrassed. The study material provided by her is very informative too and covers almost each aspect: from daily conversation to business speaking. Thank You Miss Puteri for making an Expat life easier in Indonesia:-)
Sweta Deo, IT Consultant. Bahasa Indonesia Intensive Class
English Today has provided Lotte Mart Indonesia with both native and Indonesian teachers. Mr Matthew taught me private conversation lessons, during which he became my friend, not just my teacher. I highly recommend English Today to anyone wishing to improve their English.
Mr Moon, Creative Director. Bahasa Indonesia Intensive Class

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Private Bahasa Indonesia Training Jakarta