Business English for Sales

Business English for Sales develops sales skills. The course is a soft skill program that teaches the fundamentals of sales and improves your team’s sales results. The program focuses on the psychology of sales, highlights the importance of communicating and building relationships while exploring the differences between both traditional and modern sales techniques

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Sell with a structured framework
  • Build long term relationships
  • Focus on your customer’s needs
  • Communicate efficiently to sell a product, service or idea
  • Read and use body language effectively to enhance communication skills

Business English for Sales & Purchasing

Business English for Sales and Purchasing is focused on the language structure required to communicate effectively with International clients and colleagues.

Language areas covered in this course:

  • Jobs and Responsibilities
  • Making the Most of New Contacts
  • Making Offers
  • Negotiations
  • Customer Care

Combine Sales Skills and English for Sales & Purchasing.

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