CGE is an integrated skills course mapped to Cambridge Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for learners from beginner to advanced level (A1-C1).

Each level contains 20 units, which practice the four skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) in addition to grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.
The program features:

Unit Goals

Sets the unit objectives and lets learners know what they will be studying.


Presents and practices a thematic lexical set that learners need for the unit.


Shows the unit’s lexis in use and presents a grammar point in context.


Focuses on a key aspect of English pronunciation featured in the dialogue.


Covers the unit’s grammar point in detail through presentation and controlled, graded practice.

Reading and Listening

Expand on the unit’s theme and give learners long and short pieces of text and audio in which to see the grammar and vocabulary in context.

Speaking and Writing

Encourage personalized, freer production of the language covered in the unit.

Each unit has a broad, engaging theme with elements of personalisation. This motivates learners by providing them with interesting topics which are meaningful to them, allowing learners to apply the language they have learned to their own personal contexts.

With CGE, learners have the flexibility to access their course anytime anywhere on any device!

The program is also accesible online and offline!

CGE is available on 3 subscription options:

3 monthsIDR 1,000,000 per pax
6 monthsIDR 1,500,000 per pax
12 monthsIDR 1,800,000 per pax

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