Preparing Effective English Presentations

Preparing Effective English Presentations, in the corporate world, you often need to make presentations to accomplish your business goals. The objective of your presentation may be to deliver a financial report, propose an innovation, or persuade your audience. To effectively prepare a presentation, consider the following ways:
  • 1. Planning your talk: Your presentation should contain three main sections, namely the introduction, development, and conclusion. From this, you could easily place your contents according to which section they belong to.

  • 2. Write your personal notes: Once you have the main messages written on your presentation slides, you want to make sure to present them clearly and smoothly. Your audience tends to listen to you speak rather than focusing on slides; thus, it is your job to emphasize the key points and keywords so that they understand the overall meaning of your speech. The ability to transit from one section to another is also a skill you will need to keep refining in order a smooth flow of the presentation.

  • 3. Find an effective way to practice your presentation: It is true that being perfect at a certain skill comes through practice. And the more you prepare and practice, the better the result. In the midst of your busy life, you can try the following ways to practice:

    1. Write a script and try to memorize it. Of course, the script is only there to assist you to go from one topic to the other. You can always make some changes to the notes. Refine the script to sound as if you are speaking naturally.
    2. Record your voice and check your articulation. Rather than by asking your colleagues to listen to you, another easy way is to record your own speech and listen to yourself and make a self-evaluation of your word choices and articulation.
    3. If your time is limited, practicing in front of a mirror can be an alternative to recording your voice. While it might not work for some people, it works for others to see themselves speaking as if talking directly to the audience.
    4. Ensure you write simply with a clear language. Your word choice will depend on your audience. Once you know the background of your audience, you need to adjust your message delivery. Are they academics? Are they young students? Avoid using complicated words if they will likely cause confusion.
    5. Speak naturally: It can be challenging in the beginning, but it is highly suggested that you avoid reading too much from your presentation slides. After a quick read, talk directly to your audience by elaborating the points written on the slides. Taking glances at your notes is also helpful to stay on track and transit from one section to another.

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