Forgetting Grammar Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Speak

If there is one piece of advice that you can take away from language training let it be this: confidence, confidence, and did I mention, confidence? Grammar is not the only foundation you need to be able to speak. In fact, you have too little time to go through just grammar. We understand that. Every English trainer should understand that.

Why do you need to stop learning (and re-learning) Grammar and begin to speak up as if nobody is listening (or watching)?

Firstly, forcing yourself to speak allows you to exercise grammar in real-time situations. Rather than memorizing the rules and completing written tasks, you can enhance your English competency by directly practicing in an authentic environment.

Secondly, indulging in an English conversation is a good opportunity to exercise active listening. From this, you can learn how tenses are being used, in which condition, for what purpose. It is like learning from watching movies, but without the subtitles.

Thirdly, speaking confidently means you are willing to try, not be afraid to make mistakes, and in fact learn from them. Not only that, you are always on the right track because the courage to make an error is part of a learning process to discover what you lack and what you need to improve on.

Lastly, being involved in a discussion increases our possibility to absorb new words. Hide the dictionary and textbooks for awhile, and let the vocabulary pour out from the conversation. When struggling to convey the meaning, this is when a trainer can you with words that are relevant to your needs.

The conventional method of learning only takes away confidence. It is our mission to revolutionize the failed learning methodology for foreign language and the mindset among learners regarding their learning approach.

In every course we offer, we stress the importance of speaking and confidence in speaking as a crucial part to successful language mastery, not just grammar.

We’re passionate about language.  We are sure we can make you passionate too!