7 Reasons To Learn with English Today

Learning English requires two things: a good program and a good trainer.

There are limitless English lessons offered on the Internet. Your staff can freely access them, download them, and learn them on their own–in the digital age, the definition of learning has evolved. But choosing to effectively learn English is highly important.

A good program that displays correct technique, contains the right content and is tailored to your needs. Having a good trainer is rare, and it is often the determining factor that upgrades, or degrades the interested participants.

Reason #1 for saying ‘Yes’ to English Today: highly-qualified, senior-level teachers with monthly internal training. In short, we recruit the best.

Our trainers are equipped with years of experience. They know how to lead. They have an eye for what is needed. They guide you to your language accomplishment. Passion drives our trainers and it will drive you too.

Reason #2 for saying ‘Yes’ to English Today: reversed 80/20 method. We are paving the new way for your staff to improve their competency.

The traditional way of learning English is a barrier to progress. Your employees have to quietly sit and listen to the materials provided by the trainer (the same contents they had to learn years ago) before applying them in class–if they have the courage. This requires a large amount of effort in the midst of their already hectic work life.

We simply offer an innovation: 80% student and 20% teacher talk time. We gather them into small groups and give them an opportunity to speak in more time than it would to watch the teacher speak.

Reason #3 for saying ‘Yes’ to English Today: hybrid learning that combines industry-specific skills with English. A common mistake of learning English is not taking into consideration the professional growth. We don’t just teach English.

We offer customized programs that meet company needs, ranging from effective meetings, presentation skills, telephoning, to report writing. With the learning resources and curriculum specifically designed for your business, the expected outcomes can be achieved more effectively.

Reason #4 for saying ‘Yes’ to English Today: written and performance-based testing. Besides through a written test, students’ comprehension is evaluated by the level of their confidence.

How well will they perform in real life situations? Not only do we make sure your staff understand why the rules work and how to use them, but also we want to make sure that they can show a confident presence.

Or else the lessons will be in vain and will less likely to be applicable.

Reason #5 for saying ‘Yes’ to English Today: confidence as key. This is a bleed-over from reason #2, but it deserves its own emphasis, because confidence is important and we want to make sure our learners have it. We want our clients to be confident. Cut out the unnecessary shyness when practicing to speak. If the message can’t be delivered appropriately, that is what trainers are for.

It is difficult in the beginning, but confidence levels can increase quickly.

Reason #6 for saying ‘Yes’ to English Today: positive feedbacks from the learners. Our clients love us.

Giant companies such as Traveloka, Djarum, and Garuda have benefitted from our learning method. Many employees have told us that the knowledge we shared with them has increased their abilities in their specific divisions. Our method works, we have years of experience to prove it.

Reason #7 for saying ‘Yes’ to English Today: client-oriented scheduling. We come to your office.

Your staff do not need to think about the traffic they had to go through just to learn English. Avoid the traffic jam and let us come to you instead. At an hour that suits you.

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