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Learn the correct, most optimised to WIN test strategies that lead to MASSIVE IELTS success! Achieve your desired Band Score with English Today Jakarta.

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Strategies Covered

  • The Exam Format
  • Time Management
  • Identification of Keywords
  • Correct Grammar
  • Skimming & Scanning Teachniques
  • Answer Elimination Skills

Go For Gold

Picture yourself receiving your deserved Band Score. If you follow our lead you WILL win. Imaging how proud you will feel because you accepted the challenge and won! English Today Jakarta is your perfect IELTS training partner. We are IELTS specialists with a fresh and proven approach.

Our Teachers Come to You

English Today Jakarta is one of the most respected and trusted English Language Training Centre’s in Jakarta with a refreshing approach for teaching English. Our courses are taught by highly qualified creative trainers who simply LOVE to teach and who are ready to create the perfect English course JUST FOR YOU! Come and learn English Today.

The key to improving your English is allowing English Today to create a comfortable English learning environment, choosing topics of interest so that you can relate to the lessons. You will then be well on your way to English conversation excellence.

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